Selecting the Hides for My Two Hide Fold Over Elk Dress

Just Look at the Quality and Size of these Hides!

This is Loren of Circle S Leather showing off the beautiful Elk hides he brain tanned and smoked on both sides for me for my project.

Loren and Liza Stallsmith Circle S Leather -

I could not be more pleased with the results!
Any one who tries to recreate pre-contact garments knows how precious it is to find someone who is making brain tan the old way.

I know several good brain tan tanners, but to my knowledge, Loren and Liza are the only quality Large Elk Brain Tanners in the country.

As you can see, they are thick, as large Elk hides are, but he has put the work into them to make them supple enough to make a flowing garment.

They are also large, measuring over 68" in each direction, something you need to completely cover the body and fold over at the top after joining at the shoulders, making a yoke.

Now for the hard part of the entire project.....deciding whether to go with pre contact shells or first contact beads or just plain beautiful fringe!

It will be hard to decide!

Here are examples of the dress I will be creating:
This is a Pre Contact Garment
This is a Post Contact Garment of the same design

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