A Proper Fitting for my Two Hide Brain Tan Dress

Coming Along Nicely...
 My first fitting was just to find out if me and my dress form still agreed on size, which we did, but it was evident that just throwing the hides on the form wasn't good enough. I had to play around with the grain and hang of the animal to get it to drape properly.

I, of course, hung my hides neck down, which really makes a difference in how it hangs, those old world Gals knew what they were doing!

It really helped to let the hides hand an relax for a while, then I pinched, stretched and tugged until they started to see my way of doing things.

It's obvious from the dress I took the pattern off of that this dress was made on the person and not just thrown on the floor and sewed up. One must know where the median lines of the body are to get a proper drape!

I was shocked when it all came together, it resembled a Kimono in shape and contour! Now I'm so happy with how it looks I don't want to do anything more with it other than stitch it up and put it on! I'm seriously considering leaving it as is and getting more hides to make the off the shoulder version with fringe.

First Fitting
This would be an actual two hide dress as it was first conceived, and I have to say that it is lovely indeed!

We'll see.....
Wrong, wrong wrong...

Proper fitting

Proper fitting rear

Proper fitting side, note train

Proper fitting side

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