To Bead or Not To Bead the Two Hide Dress

Too Tight

I spent the entire day trying out different combinations of beads to get my bead "fringe" right.

The picture on the right was what I had drawn out, but it looked too cluttered or bunchy.

Too Loose

Getting there, set on right looks good
The terminating beads at the end of the bead fringe are size 11 Cheyenne pink, the real thing.
And The Bead work Begins!

So I tried spacing them out, but it made the fringe look scanty.

Once again, photography was my friend, I took pictures, threw them on the screen and took a good hard look.
It's like having a second set of eyes, and it doesn't hurt to document how your doing things for later reference either.

Finally I came up with this combo while I was napping, (I get my best ideas dreaming), the first two sets have the wide part of the shell hanging down, for the third, I reversed them and I got my Ahah! moment.

So all there was left to do was start beading. The bead 'tassels" are loose now, but I may tack them down later, just at the junction above the two large dangle beads.

We'll see, maybe they will behave themselves.

There will be more bead work above the fringe on the yoke in catlinite, (Pipe stone).

It went really fast, except when I goofed up, then it was frustrating....but I am proud of designing my own pattern, even if it does get a bit confusing sometimes.

Actually, later this afternoon I removed the beading I worked so hard to design, I decided I just didn't like the look and now my dress is entirely beadless until I make the decision whether to use beads at all or just stick with the Dentalium shells....sigh...stay tuned...

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