Details and Dancing My Ojibwe Wool Strap Dress

2007 Me and my Sister Jackie Grand Portage Reservation Monument Minnesota

2007 Me and my Sister Jackie On The Dock We Grew Up On Grand Portage Reservation, MN

Me and my Sister Jackie - Grand Portage Harbor, MN

Me and Lorraine, a Mic Mac Friend at Webster, Florida Powwow

Showing off the back details of our Historic Regalia

Comparing Legging Design, Moccasins and Ribbon Work

Dancing the Dress

Sharing a Good Dance with A New Friend

Witch Tree on Our Original Family Homestead, Grand Portage Reservation, Minnesota


  1. Wonderful, thanks, reminds me of my days at Old Fort William in Thunder Bay, Ontario. May I ask your thoughts, as a historian, on the ceinture fléchée? I plan to make a strap dress and wear the ceinture fléchée with it, as you do in these pics. I just wonder if Native women wore them historically? Or were they mainly a voyageur, French-Canadian invention? Have heard they protected voyageurs against hernias carrying those heavy packs.

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