Dave Risdon Deer Buck Skin Tanner Extra Ordinaire

Hides drying on the line
When I first started going to reenactments and Rendesvous, I met fellow Newbie Dave Risdon, who had the unusual hobby of brain tanning deer hides in the traditional Native American way.

Now flash forward seven years and we are both still doing what we love best, researching and applying the teachings of the Native American way of doing things.

Dave demonstrates wet scraping

He has many talents including playing the violin, but his heart is in his work of tanning deer hides.

He just made me a second set of hides that I will be using to make the off the shoulder dress, and I have three hides of his from before I will be making into my brain tan strap dress.

showing the carefully sewn seam

He demonstrates hide preparation and curing at many events we attend and is often consulted by many folks who want to try it themselves.
setting up the hide tube for smoking

One of the myths he proves unfounded is that hides were hot, heavy and sweaty. By tanning hides in this manner, they become light, cool and washable. 

His hides are super soft and completely hand washable, the shirt and pants he wears is several years old and has been washed many times.
Keeping a careful eye on the process
I have always been well pleased with Dave's results and am glad that he found a place to teach his art in the reenactment world.
The finished result! Beautiful Hides!

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