Ru-ton-wee-me, Pigeon on the Wing

Today I begin the enormous task of documenting every single Native American painting or photograph that exists depicting women in as high a resolution as I can find.

I have already collected more than 500 images, but most do not have proper titling or description.

I will attempt to remedy this now.

This is a painting by George Catlin titled:

Ru-ton-wee-me, Pigeon on the Wing painted 1884.

Ru-ton-wee-me is wearing a lovely two hide dress and looks to have either decorated her garment with porcupine or beads, she has an elaborate amount of silver earrings plus some other type in a diamond shape that I cannot work out at this time, and hair pipe and bead necklaces. Note the vermillion at her hair part and her cheeks.

Click on the photo itself to see the large resolution image.

Feel free to download and use this image, just give proper credit to the founding source which is here...

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