Google Library ebooks Available to Kindle Readers through RetroRead Site

There is a new and easy way to download copy write free books from the new Google Library for all of us History types. The site is called Retro Read and It automatically searches google books and presents titles for you to convert and download free of charge.

It's a fantastic site since most of these titles have disapeared into the black hole of the antiquated library system and have now resurfaced to be read, learned from and enjoyed once again.

Expect some problems from the OCR technology that will create odd characters, but to the researcher you just can't get these title any other way, so imperfections can be overlooked. Most titles download with pictures intact and even clickable indexes in some cases.

You have to sign up and you can choose to have the titles sent directly to your kindle or emailed to you so you can just hook up your kindle and drag the titles over to your document folder. The email option is free, kindle charges per megabyte if they send the book for you. (Just take the email route! It's free and easy!)

Here are just a sampling of the few title I have downloaded in just a few days. Feel free to click on the links and check out these great titles for yourself!

Also, if you need a title that is over 8 megabytes, you will have to download a program called "Calibre" and make the conversion yourself. I found I had to do this with a number of books, as well as go back to the google book site and download some books as PDF, as they aren't available in kindle or epub format.

Either way, there is more information available out there that has been sitting undiscovered in dusty libraries for a century, get out there and read these great titles for yourself and learn a little about your passion.

Warren King Moorehead
William Corless Mills
Harlan Ingersoll Smith
Chrysostom Verwyst
Traditions of De-Coo-Dah, and antiquarian researches  *

William Pidgeon
James Macaulay
John Tanner
Clark Wissler
Warren King Moorehead
John Denison Baldwin
Ephraim George Squier
Herbert Welsh
Marie L. McLaughlin
Clark Wissler
William Wentworth Fitzwilliam of Milton
William Henry Giles Kingston
Robert Harry Lowie
Mary Henderson Eastman
Stephen Return Riggs
Edward Duffield Neill
James Peery Schell
Edward Morley Barrows
Edward Duffield Neill
Julius Taylor Clark
George Copway
William Whipple Warren
Alexander Henry
Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology
Alexander Henry
George Bryce
Jonathan Carver
Joseph Alexander Gilfillan
Adolph Oscar Eliason
Minnesota Historical Society
André Pénicaut
Lucius Frederick Hubbard
John Nelson Davidson
Minnesota Historical Society
William Whipple Warren
Charles Augustus Shook
Florida State Historical Society

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