Iroquois Velvet Victorian Cape With Metallic Trim And Metallic Fringe On Collar And Hem

I found this item on a site called "Frontier Plunder".com, it is such a lovely example of Iroquoy bead wrok I just had to steal the images and post here.
I have real qualms about a site that is selling Native American Historic Items, but at the same time, these things would never be on display for me to research if not for the sale of them.
I spend much time on such sites, capturing pictures and documentation of is the text from the sale site:

Velvet Victorian Cape With Metallic Trim And Metallic Fringe On Collar And Hem
  • Neck is rimmed in Metallic braid which dangles into long ties at the neck ending in knots and fringes
  • The piece has four beaded floral areas, one of which has a large blue and white bird perched on a flower
  • Beadwork is 3-dimensional done with the larger seed beads
  • Some of the floral designs have basket beads incorporated and all are edged in Victorian brass sequins which also appear in some of the design elements
  • Additionally attached are four Iroquois silver trade brooches with the center Eastern style pin that pierces the fabric in the center of the brooch
  • Pins are rocker engraved and some simple stamped designs
  • All four pins are different
  • Condition of the cape is excellent except for some wear existing as light shredding on the neck of the inside of the purple silk lining
  • A small woman's cape
  • Length is 19" long
  • Very crisp, small moccasins accompany the piece
  • Perhaps this was a small girl's outfit(?)
  • Vamps of the moccasins are cotton with 3-dimensional beadwork in an ornate pattern and a lovely beaded old rose and white zigzag stitch on the cuffs
  • These are larger period Venetian Glass Trade Beads
  • Moccasins are braintanned deer hide and show no wear on the soles
  • The trim and ties on the top cuff of the moccasins are fox braid, a common trim brought from England by the fur traders
  • Moccasins are lined in a pink fabric
  • Moccasins are in wonderful condition measuring 6 1/4" in length
    Note the trade silver brooches
    Metallic Bead Fringe


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