One Shoulder Eastern Tribal Elk Hide Dress...

Here's my latest dress, a nice little number of the Eastern Pre Contact one shoulder variety. It's made from vegetable tanned Elk hide suede. It has a left shoulder cape for covering the left arm on cool summer nights. The cape is not quite finished yet, I still have to cut the fringe into a curved edge as Eastern Tribes did pre contact. You can see on the dress I have already done this.

It's incredibly comfortable and light, I could wear this all day, and I just might! I am making this dress to wear in the kitchen, since this particular leather is actually washable, (we'll see!).

I had a great time making it outside on the porch while Doyle works on his shells...

We have been having such a great time this Winter in Florida, it's hard to imagine going back to Wisconsin, but soon we must pack up and head up for our annual Spring and Summer Events...hope to see you at one soon!

Here are some pictures that this dress design is based on... 
Fringe and sleeve depicted were used....a male figure, but would have been worn by a female too

Dagget type fringe and showing length of garment
Another type of one shoulder dress and dagget fringe

Another depiction of the one shoulder design, albiet romanticized..

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