Square Notch Fringe On The Two Hide Strap Dress

If you look closely you can see the shoulder lacing in Artificial Sinew
Adding a tape measure eases cutting concerns
Cutting Fringe on your Two Hide Strap Dress is one of the most rewarding and scary things you can do.

Rewarding because it finally starts to look like a Native dress, Scary because you cant undo a mistake once you cut.

It helps if you keep a few things in mind:

Square notches are made by cutting ever other fringe off
Larger Patterns at the Bottom, smaller patterns on top, I made my square notch (Roman) fringe 1/2 at the top and 1 inch at the bottom, but then repeated the 1/2 inch pattern at the hem to bring it all together.

Design should be individual and well thought out. I wouldn't copy the museum dress design exactly because it is not my dress.

Design is an individual thing.

The original dress had elements of a pinked edge as well as small fringing on the fold over flap. I decided to go with Square notch all around.

1/2" and 1" Square Notch Fringe Cut
I taped my edges with masking tape, (remind yourself to get it off quickly, leaving it on overnight will result in a pounding headache trying to get it off).

I also rounded of the corners of my flaps to eliminate the squared edges, (remember, I made my fold over flaps 28" insted of 22" so I had quite a bit of edge hangover, which suits me fine).

Detail of Large Square Notch, fringe is straight across, skirt is folded funny
Square notch fringe is made by cutting wide fringe and then cutting out every other fringe. It only looks good if you grasp the fringe you are going to cut firmly and pull it taught before nipping it off at the base with a smooth curved movement.

Practice on scraps first!

After fringing you need to place 6 laced fringes into the fold over flap every 4" going all the way through the body of the dress to secure the flap, start your measurement at the center of the flap, 2" then fringe, 4" then fringe, 4inches then Fringe, 4" then fringe.

Repeat for the back.

Try your dress on and have some fun in it, there is still so very much more to do, laced fringe on the bottom and adding the deer tail, (if you didn't make it in the flap to begin with). Then you have to fringe the side seam welts in your choice of design or trim them flush altogether, (your choice).

Six Laced fringes are placed 4" apart across breast, holding flap down
28" flap was a good idea, covers those upper arms!

Looks great from the back too!


This project is starting to look like something and is very comfortable too!

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