Two Hide Strap Dress Project Progress

Front side, sleeves on Fringe all cut!
As you can see, I have just about finished up this project and am also making another strap dress that is of the same design but more Ojibway than Cree.

The sleeves have turned out just marvelous, They are truly a masterful design!

They provide total arm and back coverage, ( a complaint with other sleeve designs), and dont require a strap across the front to hold them in place!

I added simple cuffs to mine and have yet to decide if I will leave the edges raw or turn them, or welt seam them and line the jacket....we'll see....

The cuffs were not on the original and I had a Facebook comment saying my personal changes seemed wrong!

Back Side, note how well the sleeves drape! Eureka! 20 years of research just paid off!
All I can say to that is that I plan on wearing this dress and I don't believe in copying.

Native Women were expected to make each dress their own, in their own way. It was not, after all, a UNIFORM.

I always note my custom changes and provide information for those who do want a carbon copy.

Also, if I was making a dress for a museum, I would do it their way, not mine.

I hope you have enjoyed this project and hope to hear from you as you try and attempt your own version!

More to come when I have more time to write...need to cut some more hide and get the sleeves made for the second dress!

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