Fabric Destash to Restash The Vintage Textiles Roll Out of Bed

Celebrate with me the moving of my fabric from my inaccesable under bed storage system to the upper cabinets in my new reorganized ewing/craft room in my RV that I live in full time.

Before: All my fabrics were stored in my RV under bed storage. I couldn't access them alone.

I refolded and rebolted all my textiles stowing them in my
upper cupboards in my Sewing/Craft room.

Lovely old Vintage Cottons

More cottons and a fabulous fabric, Unknown Content, if you know if
this gossamer gold checked textile, please let me now. It is transparent.

Matt Hamilton Woolens from his vintage ware house. They don't make this kind of wool anymore. Also some cottons.


Sorted and folded

Woolens Away!

OK, this brings tears to my eyes. Some of you will understand.

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